Baseball Players who Love Poker

Many people like to play poker, including baseball players, and this a great way to unwind before an important game.Of course, people who have a real talent for poker can also turn it into a fun a lucrative career and it is a good idea to read up on different strategies to get an edge on the competition. Here is a selection of baseball players who are known for their love of poker.

Orel Hershiser

This renowned baseball player became a notable part the vibrant world of poker in 2008 when he scooped up an impressive $75,000 in the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Not satisfied with coming fifth place, Orel Hershiser went on to beat Freddy Deeb, Ted Forrest and Allen Cunningham and has won $98,000 to date in tournament winnings.

Jose Canseco

This former Oakland Athletics outfielder started playing in minor Las Vegas poker tournaments in 2007 in both Las Vegas and California. The now retired baseball player is reported to have won more than $9,000 in just a few short years.

Brad Lidge

This former relief pitcher is no stranger to the World Series of Poker. The former National, Philly and Astro player took part in the 2016 Main Event, although he was forced to bow out of the star studded event when he ran out of cash.

John Burkett

This former Major Leaguer played baseball for an impressive fifteen years and claims that the transition from baseball to poker was a logical decision. He says that there are several similarities between pitching a baseball and playing Texas Hold’em, especially as both professions depend on the skill of the play to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents and create strategies accordingly. Burkett has said that even during his time with the Marlins and Rangers poker games were often played in the clubhouse both before and after batting practice, while it served as a good way of passing the time during rain delays.

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