Learn how to play baseball poker

Baseball poker is a variant similar to the Seven Card Stud, only a little more exciting.The Pack – You will use the standard 52-card pack.The goal of the game – Your goal as a player is to win the pot. The pot contains all the stakes that the players have placed in any one deal. In Basketball poker, a combination of five cards is the best hand you can get.The Deal – All players receive one card face down then one card face up in a rotation.Gameplay – After dealing the cards, it is now time to bet. Here all players receive one more face-up cards with each round until the remaining players have one face-down and one face-up cards respectively.All nines and threes are wild cards. However, you must either match the pot or drop when you are dealt with a three face-up.If you are dealt a four face up, you are eligible for an additional hole card. The dealer must provide the hole card, face-down.Baseball poker hands:

  • Five of a Kind – Where at least one card is a wild. E.g four 10s and a joker.
  • Straight flush – Five cards of the same suite in sequence
  • Four of a Kind – Is the next highest card. E.g four 3s or four aces
  • Full House – Three cards of one rank and two cards of a different rank.
  • Flush – Five cards of a similar suit but not necessarily in sequence.
  • Straight – Five cards in sequence but not in suit
  • Three of a Kind – Three cards of similar rank and two cards, with each having a different rank
  • Two pairs – One pair of one rank, another pair of varying rank and a fifth different card
  • One pair – One similar pair and three cards of different ranks.

In conclusion, Baseball poker is thrilling game, whether alone or with your friends. Learn more about poker at Poker Tube.

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